Hello guys!

This is just a post on the factions server progress and will give you guys a good understanding on when you join our factions server, how to function certain things, and basic commands to get you started! This post will also give you information on our "banned items" and items which are NOT banned (Which are banned on Space Survival)

Firstly, I'll go over the banned items:

Banned Items

This is our banned items GUI, As you can see its A LOT smaller than the one on survival, This is because items such as dynamite, anti-personnel modules, Balkons Weapon mod is all enabled for you to PvP! You Can't use these items at spawn, because... it simply won't bypass our spawns protection, but you can use these in /warp Wild as much as you want!

Secondly, our faction system, (Land claiming and group making)

This is our faction claim system, It's exactly the same as the faction plugin we all know of. To get started to will need to create a faction by typing /f create (Your desired name) please note, if the name you want has been taken, you will need to think of a new name to use. To claim land, you simply need faction power, (which is obtainable by play-time on the server, MAX power per person is 10, so the bigger the base you have, the more people you will need to recruit! To claim land, do /f claim, if you want to claim a radius (or known as a square) type /f claim 2 which will give you a 3x3 chunk claim! You can use any number from 2 up, bigger the number will be bigger your claim.

Thirdly, Our new starter (Or player protection)

This is a simple anti PvP protection you get when you first join our factions server, You get this to protect yourself in the wild for 2 minutes to run and get away from any potential attackers waiting in the wild area, This will give you the ability to get a base started and get yourself set up ready to fight battles yourself! This add-on is completely optional, you may turn it on and off as you please.

And lastly, (But not the last thing added) is our bounty plugin!

Fancy adding some excitement to the PvP? Really want to hunt someone down or try to convince others to hunt a player down for you? Use our bounty plugin! You may set up to any amount of money on a player, you can't set bounties on yourself, to set a bounty on someone simply type /bounty (Player name you want to set a bounty on) (and your amount you want to bounty) example: /bounty MartinFlo1 100000

Website Revamp.

[OWNER] Brecon ao posted Apr 28, 18

Hello Crafters!

As you've probably already seen, over the past week, we had our website revamped by a very talented graphics designer!  This has made the website look way more professional, up to date, and easier for you guys to navigate! We've even got extra simple things such as click to copy IP Address and our loading screen! 

The extras this site this has to offer you is:

- Easier navigation to get around the website.

- Simple formats, and an easier application form for staff (Currently closed)

- Better graphics, and a smarter layout

- Better forums structure with more options, based on any conditions.

I hope you enjoy our new website, and if you have a website of your own, and want it done up to a great standard, I highly recommend you message http://tekkit.space/profile/5002937 who will have your website done for you in no time! I hope you enjoy our new website and forums! Any issues, please message me on Discord and don't forget to join our discord server to connect with our loyal community!


[OWNER] Brecon ao posted Mar 7, 18

Hello Community!

We've got a new server on our network! Please welcome our new Skyblock server! To join it, type /server Skyblock.

Essential commands to get you started:

/is create (Creates an island, Tekkit spaces own custom island!)

/challenges (To complete challenges on your island to get gems!)

/GUI (to claim your kits + gems!)

/shop (To teleport to the servers shop to make money!)

/vote (To get a FREE mystery box and win mystical rewards!)

Please remember, skyblock is not an easy gamemode, its full of challenges and is a very rewarding gamemode to play, you can also win our "Sky" rank from the Mystery box. Also, there are ranks which you can get from in-game time! 

Server Launch

[OWNER] Brecon ao posted Dec 20, 17

Welcome Everyone!

We are a new Tekkit Space server! We are going to aim to bring you some awesome experiences on Tekkit space!

Details about the server:

The server is new and still in mild development. Maybe new, however, I do not lack experience owning servers, I've been owning modded servers for 3 years now and thought its time to make a change and go back to the old packs on the launcher! Seeing there are not many Tekkit Main servers out there, I'm delighted to open one up and try to provide you with an awesome experience!


We are currently looking for new staff as the staff team we had from the other servers did not want to transfer over, I would like to re-create my staff team, and applications are open. (Please not ranks such as Manager, Admin, Sr.Mod and Mod cannot be applied for, those ranks are earned from trust and are well respected, If you think you have what it takes to join the team, please shoot me an application form @ www.tekkit.space/apply !


We have cool core commands such as GUI where you find all the servers kits, information, games, banned items, and warping and teleporting menus. This is the easiest was to navigate the server, however, you may do what you feel suits you!

We have a server shop @ /warp Shop and a mining world for quarries and turtles, I recommend you do NOT build in this world as its reset every Friday. You may only place up to 1 quarry at a time to stop chunk lag, LANDMARKS are unrestricted when you hit Citizen rank with /ar check.

That's just some of our features! Now go on! And take a look for yourself! Everyone is welcome! :) Any problems, please message me, as we're new, bugs could be likely, and I am able to fix or patch them quickly, as I don't lack modded experience.

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